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Forgiveness - A Prophetic Way

In a world of global connectedness, it’s not easy to sustain peaceful engagement. But Prophet (PBUH) has set many great examples through which he had shown us a right of forgiving someone. If someone is provoking you to have a war or fight then you need to ignore them. Muhammad (PBUH) when people of Makkah were blood thirsty of him and wanted to have a war, but prophet (PBUH) migrated from the city. It was his strategy against them, after few years with huge crowd of Muslims Prophet (PBUH) conquered Makkah. Now the enemies of him were afraid that they will be killed but Prophet (PBUH) forgave them and ask them to go away from the city. This is the act of a real leader of the world, who doesn’t revenge someone personally. Have Best Umrah Tours with one and only trustworthy travel company, Al Hijaz Tours.
Following the Sunnah of Prophet, we should also learn to forgive others. May be another chance could help him change his life. We have an example of Khalid bin Waleed who was one of th…