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Peace and Tranquility

With all this haste around the world, we need peace. All the basic needs like food, water, we can also include the peace and tranquility in the list. So while listing all these basic needs of life, one should know how to attain them. A season of Hajj is almost at the door and we all know that choosing a Hajj Package, travelling to Makkah won’t be all enough until we learn the message it is spreading all over the world. The basic message of Hajj is to get focused on your purpose of life and remember Allah; every deed done should be according to the teachings of Islam, stay tolerant and avoid spreading hatred. We don’t need any specific place in order to praise Allah and seek forgiveness. He is all over with us, not specific time is to be followed to call him or respond his call.

The peace and harmony will only come by the remembrance of Allah. It is needed to get you devoted for the passion which lies within one’s heart. To find the treasure and discover the wonders of world mental pe…